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  • Thursday, Apr 24

    Last update01:38:05 PM

    Quran verse of the day

    Quran verse of the day
    Joomla 1.5

    Module for Joomla 1.5 websites that displays a verse from Holy Quran.

    If you need a customised version of this module or you want to extend functionality of this module to your needs then please Contact Us.


      - Display verse in sequential order or random
      - Update verse every hour, every six hours, every day etc
      - Optional text to display before verse
      - Optional text to display after verse
      - Optional custom hyperlink
      - Module class suffix
      - Caching

      Usage Instructions

      Install like a normal Joomla module.
      Configure Backend Parameters and Publish.


      Display Mode: Random or sequential
      Update Mode: How often the verse should be changed with a new one
      Text Before: Optional text to show before verse
      Text After: Optional text to show after verse
      Custom Hyper link: Optional custom hyperlink.
      Module Class Suffix:

      Configure module class suffix for custom styling.



      18 Oct 2009 - Version 1.5.x.0 released.

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