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    Please can you help me?


    We will do our best to help you with any problems you may have with our extensions and we can sometimes help with problems in using html, css, MySQL, Joomla, JavaScript and all the other elements that go with our extensions on your site.

    Please post your problem in the forum as clearly and provide as much information as possible. Post a screenshot of your page that relates to the problem. A lot of users help each other in our community forum and our developers will also reply as time permits.

    If you have a more complicated issue or some special development that you'd like us to help with then please use the Contact Us form above to contact us.

    How can I get latest versions of the extensions that I purchased?


    Single Download Upgrades

    KA offers one time downloads for all of the products/downloads that are not purchased via memberships(subscriptions). If you do not have a login account on KA website then most probably you purchased a single download as single downloads do not require a login. Single downloads come with a limited time duration for downloads. If you already purchased an extension and would like to upgrade then you will need to register that extension to get a discount for upgrade. Go to Register Downloads to register your purchased extensions. Once you have registered your downloads they will appear in My Downloads where you will see dates and download files.

    • You must use same PayPal email address that you use to purchase the extension.
    • You can only upgrade the item that you purchased earlier and not a different one.


    Membership users can download as many times as they like while they have their membership active.

    Memberships come with free upgrades/updates for the time duration and number of domains specified in memberships details. Memberships also allow access to our Priority Tickets Support system.

    Where can I find documentation and tutorials for my extension?

    Documentaion links are available on product pages and also on extension's settings page in backend of you Joomla website.

    Tutorials will be added in the documentation pages where ever required.​​​

    Can I suggest other features for extensions?

    Yes, you can send feature requests in our forum for the extension that you using or send it via Contact Us form.​

    Do you offer website design and development?

    Yes, we offer website design and development. You can send your requirements via Contact Us form and provide us as much detail as possible for the project and we will get back to you as soon as possible.​​

    Do you offer custom development of Joomla extensions?

    Yes, we offer custom development of custom Joomla extensions according to your requirements. You can contact us via Contact Us form with your requirements.​

    Do you offer any type of discounts?

    We do not have any discounts system available yet.

    How to debug and send debug text?


    The extensions that have debug settings in Advanced Parameters allow you to display debug text that can be helpfull for our developers to figure out what could be the problem you having.

    Read Tutorial to learn how to get debug text.

    How to create a Facebook Page and get Facebook Page ID


    This tutorial will teach you how to create a Facebook page and obtain Facebook page ID and URL to use with KA Extensions where required.

    How to access Facebook Create Page Screen?

    Click Here to go directly to Facebook Create Page Screen (Facebook will ask you to login of your are already not logged in).

    Creating a new Facebook Page

    On Create a Page screen you will be asked to select the type of page you would like to create. You can choose between Local business, place, company, organisation, brand, products, community etc.

    Depending on what kind of page you select you will be presented with options to select. Click on Get Started button when finished.

    Click on Edit page button to edit its settings.


    When you create a page you will see URL in Browser address bar for that page. As highlighted below in screenshot you need to copy your Page ID and paste in settings of the extension.

    Customized Facebook Page ID

    If you have customised Facebook Page URL then your ID will not show in URL and your URL will be like http://www.facebook.com/USER_NAME instead. To find your Facebook Page ID from a Customised URL simply go to your Facebook home page (http://www.facebook.com) and click on Adverts and Pages. This will take you to pages screen where you should be able to see Page ID in URLs.

    How to create a Facebook Application


    To use Facebook extensions you need to create a Facebook Application and get an Application ID.

    Application ID is needed if you are using JavaScript SDK plugin. You can find JavaScriptSDK settings by going to Extensions > Plugins Manager and then clicking on System - JavaScript SDK.

    API key is needed if you are using Fanbox/Likebox. You will also need Page ID for Fanbox/Likebox that you can copy from your Facebook Page URL. Here is a Tutorial for How to create a Facebook Page.

    You can manage your created application in Developer Dashboard. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for Facebook to get ready your Application ID to use.

    How to enable plugins/mambots in Mosets Tree listing description?


    Mosets Tree allows has a setting to enable/disable plugins/mambots in description field but this setting is disabled by default.

    To enable plugins you need to enable the setting as described below:

    - Login to Joomla backend

    - Go to Mosets Tree and click on Custom Fields

    - Click on Description field

    - Under Parameters set Parase Mambots setting to Yes and Save.

    How to delete and moderate comments in Facebook comments box plugin?


    How to delete and moderate comments in Facebook comments box plugin?

    This tutorial is about how to moderate and delete process works for Facebook Comments box.

    First of all make sure that you have installed, configured and published JavaScriptSDK plugin and Facebook Social Comments plugin.

    In JavaScriptSDK plugin setting you must enter Facebook User IDs of the users who you want to allow to be able to moderate comments. If you want to moderate yourself only then enter your own Facebook ID. 

    facebook admin id

    Moderators View

    After your have added Facebook admin ID save JavaScriptSDK plugin and go to frontend of your website and refresh comments page. You should see Moderators View and Settings above Comments Box as shown below when you are logged into Facebook.

    facebook moderator view

    Click on Moderator view so we can have a look what is in Moderators view. In Moderators view you will see a list of all the comments for that page. In this screen you can Like, Follow and Moderate comments.

    Facebook has made changes and now only the user who posts a comment can competely delete it. Owners and Moderators of Comments Plugin can choose to Hide comments. Hide comments option will remove the comment and it will not be visible to your readers except to friends of that person who actualy made that comment.

    facebook comments moderator view

    At present only a user(who made comment) can completely remove their comment by clicking the cross sign that appears next to their comment (cross sign appear when you hover over your own comment).

    If you choose to Ban user then it will permanently block that user from commenting on any of your posts.

    If you choose to Boost comment will bring the comment at top so that everyone could read it.

    Facebook Comments plugin also allows o arrange the order of comments. For example you can set to show the New comments first and old comments later.

    By default comments are organized by social ranking which means that only those user comments' will be displayed at top who has good reputation on Facebook.

    Settings View

    Click on Settings to open Settings. Under settings you can add moderators, set Moderation mode, Blacklist words, allow other Login providers, enable Grammer filter and set Comments Composer. See screenshot below highlighting these settings.

    facebook comments settings

    Comments Ordering

    If you want the newest comments to be displayed at top and oldest at bottom then choose Reverse Chronological.

    facebook comments ordering

    My extension is not showing up in frontend of website?


    When using Facebook extensions there can be conflicts with other extensions as Facebook is constantly improving their API code and keeps making changes. We always use most related code released by Facebook API. It is possible that you have another Facebook extension that is using old library code from Facebook or adds some other code that causes Facebook code to break.

    On quick way to check this is by disabling of other extensions to see if they are conflicting. If unpublishing them solves the problem then contact their developers asking them to update their code or find latest version.

    I'm seeing a Facebook error page in the iframe instead of my comments


    This normally happens due to the issue of Facebook not loading its JavaScript library. Try to reload the page to fix it.

    Possible reasons that can cause this are:

    - Slow internet connection

    - Facebook server too busy to cope with traffic load

    Can I see the names and profile pictures of the people who Like a post?


    Facebook does not allow you to see names and pictures of people that are not your friends. Lets say there are 50 people that like your post but only 10 of them are your friends in Facebook, you will only see name and pictures of these 10 people and you will see a message saying "... and 45 others like this".

    How to enable moderation for comments?


    You can enable moderation of comments by clicking on Settings link at top right of comments box when you are logged into Facebook. 

    Note: You must be logged in as Admin of that Facebook Application that you used to configure JavaScriptSDK plugin or you must be added as moderator by Admin. Posts matching the strings in the blacklist will automatically be hidden and not added to the moderation queue. To make sure everything goes through moderation regardless of content, do not specify a blacklist.

    Why do my comments take a few seconds before they show when posted?


    When comments are submitted they go to Facebook's servers for validations and other processing. The process of sending and receiving a response can take couple of seconds. If you see that the taking over ten seconds then try refreshing the page.

    How to Install Joomla Plugins?


    How to install Plugin on Joomla 1.5?

    Download the Plugin that you wish to install from our website.

    Login to your Joomla backend and click 'Extensions' 'Install/Uninstall'.

    joomla 15 installation screen

    Click the 'Browse' button and find the location where you saved the download to your computer.

    Select the plugin that you wish to install. Press 'Upload File & Install'.

    joomla 15 upload file

    How to install Plugin on Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 and Joomla 2.5?

    Download the Plugin that you wish to install from our website.

    Login to your joomla backend and click 'Extension Manager''.

    joomla 25 installation screen

    Click the 'Browse' button and find the location where you saved the download to your computer.

    Select the Plugin that you wish to install. Press 'Upload & Install'.

    joomla 25 upload file

    Like Box is showing repeated/duplicated profile/friends pictures/images.


    The reason you see pictures twice is because your page is new, once you have 30 pictures this problem will go away.

    This problem is at Facebook end and there is a bug logged in here for that: http://developers.facebook.com/bugs/285038208205121?browse=search_4f100b16473341577332946

    Can I test on Local Server or using an IP Address instead of domain name?


    If you are developing your website on local server you will find that Facebook extensions do not work properly. It is because when you are using a Local Server it normally uses http://localserver/ or kind of URL. These are URL that Facebook servers can not reach back and that causes the extensions to not work properly. 

    Always use a real domain name when testing or develiping with Facebook related extensions.


    How to setup JavaScriptSDK plugin?


    After you have sucessfully installed the plugin you can go to Extensions > Plugins Manager and click on System - KA JavaScript SDK to open the plugin settings.

    On settings page you need to enter your Facebook application ID. How to Create Facebook Application?

    You can leave rest of the settings to default or hover over labels to see more details for each setting.

    Make sure that plugin to published.

    How to setup Social Sharing Plugin?


    After you have successfully installed the plugin you can go to Extensions > Plugins Manager and click on Content - KA Social Sharing to open the plugin settings.

    Under Display Settings you can select where to show or hide the plugin by menu, section or individual articles. 

    Under Extensions Integrations you can choose the components where you want to enable the plugin.

    Under Ordering you can order the buttons in required ordering.

    Under Themes you can select the themes you want to choose, look at the screenshot on Product Description page to see different theme screenshots.

    Under buttons settings you can enable or disable individual buttons.

    You can leave rest of the settings to default or hover over labels to see more details for each setting.

    Under Advanced Parameters you can change the URL method used. 

    If you are using your website in a sub folder then you might need to setup Custom Base method and enter Custom Base URL to make sure correct URL is sent to Social Networks.

    You can leave Use ID or Slug and URL encode and any other fields to default.

    Make sure that plugin to published.

    Share button show the word Share or has stopped working?


    Facebook announced that they will be dropping Share button and use Like and Send buttons instead. Seems they have made some changes on their end to drop support for it slowly, that is why Share button is showing oddly on some websites and not displaying at all on some.

    We recommend that you stop using the Share button and use Like and Share instead.

    Friends/Connections pictures not showing in Like Box


    This problem occurs with newly created Facebook pages. New Facebook pages do not have any connections/friends so they are not given priority caching on Facebook servers that results images not showing when friends like the page. Once your pages reaches 30 friends/likes it will show friends images with more accuracy.

    The page you are trying to access is restricted or unavailable?


    You will see error “The page you are trying to access is restricted or unavailable” when you are not logged into Facebook, it is because you probably have age or location restrictions on who can view your Facebook page. 

    To set your Facebook Fan Box so that it is visible to everyone:

    Login to your Facebook page.

    Click the link to Edit Page.

    Click on Edit in the Settings section to Edit country restrictions, age restrictions and published status.

    If you have any settings other than the defaults, Facebook will require your store visitors to be logged on to Facebook before displaying your Fanbox in order to determine whether the visitor meets the criteria you’ve set here. So, first check the Country Restrictions box. This should be left blank.

    Next, check the Age Restrictions setting. This needs to be set to the default Anyone (13+). And finally, the Published setting also needs to be the default of Published (publicly visible). Once you have these set, click on the Save changes button and refresh your Fanbox page to see changes.

    Error: Could not retrieve the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.


    Either the URL that was entered was wrong or you are trying to enter a Facebook Profile URL inseatd of Facebook Page URL. Fanbox/Like box works with Facebook Pages so make sure you have a Facebook page and not Profile.

    How to enable/disable error reporting in Joomla


    Error reporting helps to troubleshoot PHP errors in Joomla websites. When error reporting is enabled it helps to figure out where the problem is in codes during development stage. When website goes error reporting should be disabled or set to lower level so that website visitors do not see any error messages.

    Follow following instructions to change error reporting settings in your Joomla website.

    Login to your Joomla website backend via your admin URL yourwebsite.com/administrator

    When you have logged in go to Global Configuration settings.

    Then click Sever tab

    If you want to disable any warning and errors messages set Error Reporting field to None.

    If you want to show all error messages and warnings then set Error Reporting setting to Maximum.

    After these settings go to front end pages of your website to check if Joomla website is showing any error messages or warnings.

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