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Holy Quran

Holy Quran

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Holy Quran is a Joomla component that displays Holy Quran in websites.


  • Provide a framework that allows unlimited number of translations support
  • Search facility (Note: Search facility will be improved in coming versions).
  • Different Views:
    1. Index View - Displays index list view of all Surahs with number of ayats and links to recitation for Surahs
    2. Surah View - Displays on selected surah (configured in menu options when menu is created)
  • Pagination for Surahs with drop down box for number of results per page.
  • Users can upload database files from backend of component.
  • Backend parameters settings.
  • MVC design for easy customisation.

Usage Instructions

  1. Goto Component > Quran
  2. Click on New Button to add Quran Translations (Database Files).
  3. Click on Menu > Main Menu to create menus.
  4. Choose the menu options as desired for Default, Index or Surah Layouts.
  5. You can display one selected Surah by choosing Surah name in menu options when you choose Surah Layout.


Quran Image:

Quran Database:


Version history

9 Dec 2012   - Version 2.0 released.

19 Nov 2010 - Version 1.5.x.1 released.

12 Dec 2009 - Version 1.5.x.0 released. This version only supports Arabic, English and Urdu langauge.

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