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TOPIC: Configuration issues

Configuration issues 10 years 2 months ago #5439


I installed these plugins on about a year ago and had no issues. Over the past couple of months the preview image failed to show up on Facebook when someone posted a comment on the web site or if I shared a link to the web page on Facebook. Yesterday I updated the plugins to the current version and did my best to configure them. I am having issues that I think are connected to the plugins but, frankly, I don't understand the infrastructure enough to be certain.

1) There is often a yellow box on the comment section that says "Warning: is unreachable" and the box stays there for hours despite comments being posted correctly.

2) If I try to post a link on Facebook to the blog page there is no preview image on Facebook. If I post a comment on the blog page, a preview does appear. However, this functions as it should on all the other pages.

Current configuration:
Social Comments version 2.5.3
JavaScript SDK 3.3.5
Joomla! Version 1.5.23

In Social Comments Plugin:
URL MEthod Article URL
URL Encode Enable

In SDK Plugin
FB XMLNS Tag Enable
OG XMLS Tag Enable
Title Enable
Type Enable
Choose Type blog
URL Enable
Sitename Enable
Image Enable
Description Enable
URL MEthod Article URL
URL Enccode

Got any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks so much for your help
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Re: Configuration issues 10 years 1 month ago #5463

  • zaheerkaka
  • zaheerkaka's Avatar

1. In your Facebook application make sure your have configured correct URL of your website.

2. Image gets taken from the article content. If it is not showing it could probably related your your first issue. Fix first issue and then test again.

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