KA Facebook Fanbox Pro

KA Facebook Fanbox Pro

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Price: 14.99

Facebook Fanbox Pro will show posts on your Joomla web site from your Facebook Page, will allow your website visitors to Like your page without leaving your website and show pictures of people who liked your Facebook Page.

When a user clicks the like button on your site, a story appears in that user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website. People who visit their Facebook Page will see that they liked your Facebook page and will get encouraged to come over and check it. This means they will be sending traffic to your page and website and as a result you get more visitors to your website. These visitors from Facebook will come to your website because someone they know likes your website, this kind of recommendation is valuable. These visitors often spend more time on your website because they trust the opinion of their Facebook friends and contacts.

KA Facebook Fanbox Pro is a great way to stream your posts onto your website from Facebook to let your visitors know what’s going on. This saves you time because you don’t have to update your Joomla site as KA Facebook Fanbox Pro will do it automatically for you.

We have made this extension as flexible as possible so that you can decide what you want to show or hide. How and where on your site you want to show it. Check out some samples on the demo below to see how it can be customised. Buy it today and link your website to Facebook with Facebook Fanbox Pro and start enjoying more social interaction with your website visitors.

Features and Benefits

  • Number of fans to display - Fanbox/Like Box allows you to choose number of fans to display.
  • Configure width and height - Display a big or small Facebook Fanbox Pro on your website page, letting you make better use of the space on your site.
  • Customisable link - You can add a link at the bottom of the Facebook Fanbox to send users to another relevant interesting location of your choice
  • Supports all major browsers - Making it more attractive to visitors who use different browsers.
  • Choose your own font style - This will let you match the font to the rest of your website giving you a consistent look to your website.
  • Customise border and background colours - Making your fan box blend in more attractively with the rest of you web page.
  • No advertising and no links to the developer’s site. You decide if you want to put a custom like at the bottom of the module.


Demo 1

Khawaib Ahmed
    Saleem Shah Badizai
    Yagmur Kaya
    Grisha Matveev
    Lưu Trần Quang Trung
    Eker Shaylin Mendez
    Stefan Mores
    Antonio Sagansay
    Jane Camolesi
    J Carlos Lopex
    Zahid Mughal


    Demo 2

    Khawaib Ahmed
      Parul Kashyap
      Antonella Renata Robledo
      Sovannborey Ly
      زاکر غلام محمد اوڑینی
      Espinoza Bonilla Carlos
      Beer Pawinee Pornsirirat
      Ezouda Ghizlain Pefouho
      Paul Enrique Trujillo Aviles
      Johan Kiezebrink


      Demo 3

      Johan Kiezebrink
      Rocky Swartz
      Riche Souk
      Omar Valdés Hernández
      Temuri Goguadze
      Børge Iversen
      Lucas D Souza
      Muhammad Zakaria
      Gogita Xeladze
      Yumon Ichitsuki
      Colleena Yao
      Gustavo Gizeli Fonseca
      Maxim Pishnyak
      Adagrigento Portale
      Jean-louis Salina
      นฝ.นศท. จทบ.พ.ช.
      David David
      Yagmur Kaya
      Noelia Alonso Garrido
      ลมหายใจ ยังอยู่
      J Carlos Lopex
      Aboubakar Diallo
      Ana Bakhutashvili
      Jane Camolesi
      Noel Masona
      Alimiyao Nadjo
      Maison Neuve Grandval
      Joseph Abekani
      Steven Mendez
      Manoj Madushantha
      Nargiz Chkhikvadze
      Heyvanbazari Elan Sayti
      Lavoisier Tchoumkeu
      Siddiqullah Ahmadzai
      Ezouda Ghizlain Pefouho
      Black Rodney
      Stefan Mores
      Sovannborey Ly
      Raqibul Hasan Roki
      Suparat Ja
      พา 'ลอยยย พลอย
      Giuseppe Borracci
      Francisca Lebron
      Appl'Mwâ Biro C'tout


      Demo 4

      Khawaib Ahmed


      Demo 5


        Demo 6

        Khawaib Ahmed
          Raihan Thongkuea
          ไอ้แมวน้อย ยางใหญ่
          Reno Cucciardi
          Stefan Mores
          Hareth Ghoreishi
          Raqibul Hasan Roki
          Kardinal Issac
          Saleem Shah Badizai
          Joseph Abekani
          Mariusz Sikora


          What you need to install Facebook Fanbox Pro?
          1. Admin access to Joomla website to install extensions. For more info seeJoomla Installation.
          2. A basic understanding of how to install and configure Joomla modules. For more info see Joomla Extensions Install/Uninstall
          3. If you need to also have a look at Managing a Module in Joomla
          4. It would also help you to know Editing a Modlue in Joomla
          5. A Facebook Page that promotes your website
          6. Facebook Page URL or App ID, App Secret and Page ID.


          Step 1: Install the module using Joomla extensions installer from Extensions > Install/Uninstall in the backend of Joomla.
          Step 2: Goto Extensions > Module Manager to plublish and configure settings.

          Hover over setting labels to see descriptions for each settings.
          If you having any problems please read Forums and posts any questions.

          Please Note: Styling does not take effect if you have installed Fanbox on your local host test servers, you need to install it on actual live website. Also make sure to hard refresh page (Control+F5) to refresh page and also try cleaning cache to see changes taking effect.

          Module Configuration

          You can configure and customise the look of your Fanbox by selecting the options that you require. To configure the module go to Module configuration page by clicking on Extensions > Module Manager and then go through the setting to make your changes.

          Hover over labels to read description for each label.

          Facebook Page Permissions

          fb page edit page btn

          fb page permissions

          User Guide

          For visitors to your Joomla website it's easy and simple to use.
          After browsing your website and deciding they like it, they can click on the Like button in your Fanbox. This will put a link to your website on their Facebook page. Anyone who reads their Facebook page will be able to see that they have liked your site. They will then be able to click on that link to come and visit your site.

          In Fanbox people can also see your Facebook stream and any link and images in the stream.

          People visiting your site can see all your connections. Buy clicking on these they can visit your connections Facebook page.


          4-ScreenShot1 4-ScreenShot2

          Version history

          VERSION: 8.3

          1. Minor bug fixes.

          VERSION: 8.2

          1. Added like button rendering options in Advanced setting for custom styling

          VERSION: 8.1

          1. Compatability added for latest Facebook changes

          VERSION: 8.0

          1. Compatability for Joomla 3.0
          2. Various minor bug fixes

          VERSION: 7.3.8

          1. Minor bug fixes CSS related
          2. Added few more themes

          VERSION: 7.3.7

          1. Added themes feature

          VERSION: 7.3.6

          1. Added support for SSL (https://)

          VERSION: 7.3.5

          1. Compatability for Joomla 2.5

          VERSION: 7.3.4

          1. Added stream text colour code
          2. Added Fore Wall setting for places
          3. Added compatibility for Joomla 1.7

          VERSION: 7.3.3

          1. Added help messages in modules settings area
          2. User interface improvements in settings area

          VERSION: 7.3.2

          1. Fixed CSS file name error
          2. Fixed stream height problem for logged in and logged out users
          3. Added latest rendering modes from Facebook that use Page URL
          4. Custom styles field to allow any additional styles to be added

          VERSION: 7.3.1

          1. Added compatibility for Joomla 1.6

          VERSION: 1.5.X.7.2

          1. Css file writeable notice in admin area.
          2. Streams top border fix
          3. Connections top border fix

          VERSION: 1.5.X.7.1

          1. Transparency support - now you can remove background colours to show transparent background.
          2. Individually set colours for Top, Streams and Connections area.

          VERSION: 1.5.X.7

          1. Min height settings added for connections area.

          VERSION: 1.5.X.6

          1. Error message improvements/changes
          2. Using Joomla classes for file handling now
          3. Improved backend layout
          4. Fixed CSS file path error message

          VERSION: 1.5.X.5

          1. Add class suffix for module settings
          2. Some minor code changes

          VERSION: 1.5.X.4

          1. Fixed CSS styles for Stream Area

          VERSION: 1.5.X.3

          1. Option to hide or show top area
          2. Options to customise top area
          3. Options to customise Fans (Connections) area

          VERSION: 1.5.X.2

          1. Enable/Disable connect script
          2. Configure width and height
          3. Customised width and height
          4. Support for all major browsers
          5. Language Support
          6. Customised link to your page
          7. No limit on number of fans
          8. Choose font styles
          9. Customised border colours
          10. Customised background colours
          11. Fans area styling
          12. Enable/Disable Streams
          13. Enable/Disable Stream names
          14. Enable/Disable Stream dates
          15. No developer link
          16. Help documment on how to setup

          VERSION: 1.5.X.1

          1. First version released.