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  • Friday, Apr 18

    Last update01:38:05 PM

    Upgrades and Refunds

    Single Download Upgrades

    KA offers one time downloads for all of the products/downloads that are not purchased via memberships(subscriptions). If you do not have a login account on KA website then most probably you purchased a single download as single downloads do not require a login. Single downloads come with a limited time duration for downloads. If you already purchased an extension and would like to upgrade then you will need to register that extension to get a discount for upgrade. Go to Register Downloads to register your purchased extensions. Once you have registered your downloads they will appear in My Downloads where you will see dates and download files.

    • You must use same PayPal email address that you use to purchase the extension.
    • You can only upgrade the item that you purchased earlier and not a different one.


    Membership users can download as many times as they like while they have their membership active.

    Memberships come with free upgrades/updates for the time duration and number of domains specified in memberships details. Memberships also allow access to our Priority Tickets Support system.


    Software is not like physical goods and can easily be duplicated that is why we do not offer refunds for any of our products (downloads). Once transaction has gone through the sale will be final and you may not return software for refund. 

    The features of extensions are explained clearly on extension pages and there are demos available to give an overview of the extensions. There is also no refund possible on support matters. For example: if a 3rd party extension/template/code is causing conflicts with one of our extensions, it is up to the developer of that extension/template/code to fix that problem, please consult that 3rd party developer's support or request a refund there. Our extensions are developed to work on regular and properly configured systems, as you can see on our demo pages. 

    We WILL NOT refund or exchange any software even in the event of mistake purchase. If you want to evaluate our products, please visit demos provided. If you have any pre-sales questions please use forum and we will answer any questions you may have.

    By making a payment on our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions and no refund policy. 

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